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Started 2 years ago by Mike Cox

I just read the blog post here ( I am tasked to present a quote and a plan for my company to merge all of their websites together. They want to do this with WordPress, I would like to avoid WP and I am looking for opinions. Sorry for the long post, I will do my best to be concise.

There are several sites, one main site, a custom membership site and several small WP blogs.

Main site has hundreds of stories on it. These stories are very long narratives, each story has many pictures. The stories are what brings most traffic to the site and it can be quite busy (1-Gb of outbound data per hour and 21,000 requests). Main site also has their portfolio on it and is in French and English. Stories are only in English.

Not much to be said for the WP blogs, most are in French and English as well. Just content, easy to move to Statamic.

Membership site is an aging custom ColdFusion application that is at the end of its life. A member can create a login and use their membership profile for a few different things. There is a calendar of events, members can register for events and see what events they are registered for. Members use their profile to keep track of volunteer hours and expenses. Membership renewal notifications are also sent out on a schedule. Membership renewals and event registrations are eCommerce enabled where payments are taken using a payment site provided by Moneris (Credit Card Processor). There is also a bulk email component for sending newsletters and announcements to groups of members.

I am looking for an easy way for a writer to manage all content in both French and English. Control panel is fine being in English only but everything except the stories will be in both languages (Canada).

Should I look for a different platform for the Membership part or would a walk in the Statamic wilderness take me to a decent destination? I find Statamic to be amazingly fast at page renders, would it handle high volumes well? When a story is published, there is a spike in traffic.

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