Raven / Stampie / Mailer 'From Name' and 'To Name' Entries

Started 2 years ago by John Chidgey

I've just started using Raven forms for my site where I had been using PHP mail previously using and email_form plugin I found a while back. When it sends Email it associates the name with the Email: NAME [email address here] however I couldn't figure out how to do this using Raven in the YAML.

I dug a bit further then hacked away at a few files to make it work for the "From Name" but the "To Names" seems like a bit more work. I also don't like hacking core Statamic files. Is there a reason this was omitted? I've made it work for Mandrill but haven't tried the other transactional mail services.

Is there any intention to support this in future for both To and From addresses?

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